How to avoid teeth when kissing and how to slow down the kissing?

So... I've kissed the guy I'm dating last night and I think...I bit him. Not like... badly but I'm really awkward at kissing, at least I think I am because I'm very inexperienced on the dating/kissing front. Anyway, I think there was more teeth action that there should have been and I'm wondering how to avoid that? The guy I kissed, kisses very fast with rapid movements and I was kind of trying to keep up with him... so how do I not get my teeth involved and how can I slow the kissing down? Also, if I was doing anything weird or wrong he would like... stop me right?


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  • Kissing is a natural act. That's probably the way everyone explains it and it probably doesn't help. I've been told I'm a good kisser but I don't try. Its just an action that you critique for every different person to fit their preference. I like it when girls bite. He might have to, just saying. Anyways, besides all that the best way to avoid teeth is to angle slightly so there is almost like a lock between your mouths and open wide. if that doesn't work bring the tongue back to his side and get at it. Hope this helps


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  • Tell him to go slow and try to learn it

    Go slow .

    Touch his lips gently and slowly move your lips ... don't open your mouth for a while .

    Learn his movements and go with flow .


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  • In regards to the teeth situation, focus on what your lips are doing, lock your lips with his and pout them a little more. With the kissing fast, as someone mentioned, you could tell him to slow down or take the reigns by being the one who has control of the kiss. It's sort of a rhythmic thing so if he's follows your rhythm he should slow down.