Girls - What's your 'dream' first date?

I know this is a really corny question but I just wanted some ideas =)


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  • honestly on a first date I would rather do something fun like go sledding/snow tubing or go to the beach or something like that. it let's you get to know each other and let your guards down if you don't know what to expect. you will be more yourselves if you do something fun then if you go to a fancy restaurant or something


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  • If the people don't click it doesn't matter. But ideally, not dinner, something like iceskating and hot chocolate:) you could hold hands while skating and it would be so cute!

    • Iceskating I would love to go to chucky cheese and makout in the playplace if there's no kids in there

  • It isn't about the date it is about the chemistry

    • You mean like the date doesn't matter, what matters is how well you bond and flirt?

    • Yes. It's about feeling that special connection with someone, which can happen anywhere.

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