How does kissing feel like?

so I am kind of really inexperienced because I want to find the right one not just anyone. But sometimes I get curios. So here's my question how does kissing feel like and what where the sign that it was okay to kiss that person?


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  • When I had my first kiss, my first thought was this:

    "Well... that wasn't what I expected."

    Because honestly, it doesn't feel like you think it will. But yeah, it feels really good (assuming the guy knows how to kiss).

    There are a lot of different ways to kiss and they all feel pretty different. Slow kisses when you're kind of caressing each others' lips in between your own are really nice. On your mouth, it feels soft and... well, wet, obviously. In your stomach, you get that quirky whooshing feeling and your knees buckle a bit...

    French kissing feels strange at first. Some people like it, others don't. I like it a lot sometimes, but when I'm not in the mood it's annoying. Those are a bit sloppier--to be honest, I usually don't know what to do with my tongue >.<

    Open-mouth kisses are lame. Some people may like them, I never did. To me, it just feels like you're in competition with the other person to see who can... I don't know, kiss the hardest? Not very romantic.


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  • The kiss felt like it wass meant to be and signs of the OK person are in his eyes


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  • Amazing... Kissing is amazing. I just had my first kiss about 2 months ago and it was the best. I never smiled so much in my life.. But anyway I can't really give you the first sign though my boyfriend and I talked it out and decided we were gunna kiss(we both had never our first kiss) so our sign was he actually asked me.

  • your heart feels like melting and your body`s temperature goes up.