Guys, could he have hopes for the future?

I had a summer fling from a foreign country. When he left, I didn't know if I'd ever hear from him again but after landing he immediately emailed me and let me know that he wanted to "stay in touch as friends." He's still in college and I'm working on my career here in the states. We've been in touch a few times since he left. Do guys ever want to stay in touch because they hope there may be a future? Or is it an ego trip? Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • He's got the romance brain chemical rush from being with a girl while he was on holiday in a foreign country. It's the perfect combination for infatuation. Now the only problem is the thousands of miles that separate you twp. But hey, there are always holidays and vacation times...

    Don't mean to be cynical, it's just that these infatuations have short lifespans and rarely bring either person any joy.


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  • I always stay in touch with women I like, regardless of what our relatinship was or wasn't. It's so fascinating to talk to someone from another culture, for one thing,and other cultures tend to not forget friends even when you are parted,maybe for good. That has a warmth of its own that's unforgettable.


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  • Yes of course, but that may not mean he wants to fly to your country and move in with you tommorow. It means he likes you and he wants to keep in touch, but the reality is there are thousands of miles sepeating the two of you and moving away or starting a long distance relationship is nearly impossible.