Came off harsh: how to stop overanalyzing and show him me/my calmer side?

When I first started seeing this guy, I think I came off as too much of a ball-buster. He knows why and admits it's partly his fault, however, I'd like to show him I'm not. How can I stop over analyzing situations/words so I can stop worrying unnecessarily? Also, how can I show him the real me/my calmer side (and show it's there to stay)? Thanks!


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  • yikes. what do you mean a ball-buster? that is a long way from calm.

    • Yeah... See, I'm insecure, and although we weren't official, he kissed another girl. I became suspicious of small things he did/said after that, and would dispute him when these situations arose (I know I sound pretty bad). He's been really cool about it though... Is it fixable? :-/

    • OK. how about just real straight talk with the guy? We actually like that even though it scares us. If you really want this guy, how about telling him straight up, I do not want you kissing other girls, I want you kissing me, and then back it up. Grab his hair and kiss him so smokin he has to decide. That is a ballbuster in a good way.

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  • Trust him even if that's hard. Give him trust until he shows that he doesn't deserve it. This will help stop you over thinking things. Also stay busy. Its easy to show someone that you care by making them feel special.