French kiss on your first kiss?

He is my first boyfriend and I was very shy of being intimate and physical and all that. He understood me and waited for me for four months before he could actually kiss me. Then last night we kissed and that turned into a french one. Right now I feel shy around him due to that french kiss and I feel awkward now because he is expecting that I'm now always ready to do that but the truth is I still feel weird about it. What should I do?


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  • First of all, don't feel embarassed because the first kiss you shared with that guy was a french kiss. I know it can be surprising but it often happens, particularly when the guy has been waiting for some time. The same thing happened to me with my ex boyfriend and with my current boyfriend. I doesn't mean it implied that every single kiss we would share would be a french one. It simply goes to tell you that the guy was eager to kiss you since some time. If you don't feel comfortable kissing him that way, you by no means need to feel obliged to do so all the time. After all, as we say, it takes two to tango. So next time your boyfriend initiates a french kiss, you can respond to it in a different way. I am not saying that you gotta keep your mouth closed and make HIM feel all embarrassed about it. What I'd suggest is to try french kissing a little bit but only to the extent you feel comfortable with. You might want to try some gentler tongue movements. Maybe you'll like that better and feel more comfortable with that.


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  • That pervert! Wait another 12-24 months before holding his hand.

    Look, you have to loosen up. The guy is a prince for waiting so long before even kissing you. Relax. He really likes you. Enjoy one of the pleasures in life.


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  • we are of the same problem now ! gosh.