Why am I just attracting married or taken people?

The only girls who think I'm great or are willing to give me the time are day are those who are either married or have boyfriends. The ones who are married think I'm great during school, the ones who have boyfriends are willing to hang out, but the single girls never want to. I don't get it.


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  • Hmmm kind of odd. I often have a similar problem like you. But then I ask myself maybe the reversal is true-maybe I am attracted to involved or married women. Often I am drawn to women who are taken without knowing beforehand. Love is a strange thing. I guess they seem more desirable and confident about themselves because they are already in a relationship and getting sex which makes them more confident and less needy. So maybe you're into the taken people just as much as they are into you.


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  • It's likely because you're nice and you listen whereas the husbands or boyfriends might not. At least, not as much as Mr. Single&Lonely. The single girls are waiting for you to approach them. If you are approaching them, they're waiting for you to get to the point. If you ARE getting to the point then they're just uninterested.

    • no, I'm not being nice and just listening, so its confusing. I'm my usual sarcastic, teasing self. I thought that worked on single girls, but I guess they're just uninterested.

  • It's only a small statistical sampling you've got there. Continue approaching and you'll attract single chicks.