What should I do about this girl? I really like her, but I don't know if she likes me...

I don't really know what to think with this girl. We met a couple of months ago at a party, we really hit it off and we were together most of the night. She would always huddle up close to me and stuff and she eventually gave me her number and we have talked almost every day since.

I found out a week after I met her that she had a boyfriend. Now I don't know what their relationship is like but I know that he goes to a different school than we do. But why would she act like this considering she has a boyfriend? I don't want to be the guy that screws up that relationship but she is sending me a lot of mixed messages and clues that she really does like me a lot.

She would start a lot of the conversations. If I went the day without messaging her she would almost always send me something. Over the summer I decided to not text her for a couple of days because I was on vacation, after about 4 days she sent me a message and wrote on my wall asking why we haven't talked in a while. She still starts some conversations but recently it's been weird. One day we will talk for a couple of hours, then the next day she will barely talk to me then get offline without saying anything. I was curious to see how many messages we had on Facebook, we have 4700 messages for the past 3 months alone. Now I wouldn't think that someone would message another person that much if they weren't interested in them.

We also give each other a hard time a lot. If she would ever make fun of me for something she would almost always follow up with You know I love you. I never really thought much of that until she sent me a video titled "Sexy Sexual Love Poems for Loved Ones". Once again...would a friend really send something like this to another friend? She has also told me about her ex boyfriend who was being a d*** to her too.

Would a she really act like this if she only thought of me only as a friend? Because I really do think she likes me but I can't be sure unless she breaks up with her boyfriend and I don't want to mess with her relationship that she already has. And I don't want to tell her I like her because then it could mess up the relationship we already have and make it awkward. It could work out well for me but I don't want to risk it right now...So is waiting the best option? Or should I tell her I like her? And is it possible she only likes me as a friend after hearing all of this?


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  • Why don't you just ask her what's up with this friendship and how she sees you. It should be interesting to see her answer to that. You don't have to say you like her, just ask her in general where she sees things going and such. That way you don't put all your noodles on the same plate and you can still get away with it if things go fail.


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  • This is how she acts when she has a boyfriend. Do you really want to be the boyfriend in this situation?

  • UM... You don't want the kind of girl who'll get close to you and give you these signals while she has a boyfriend. Chances are if she likes you and you two got together, she'd do to you the same thing she's doing to her boyfriend. Stay away from these kinds of girls would be my advice. Or confront her and ask why she's doing that considering she has a boyfriend.


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  • You really do not have to be concerned a penny's worth about the Boyfriend - this is none of your business, this is NOT a marriage. This is Job #1.

    Almost all lovers begin as friends. Obviously you are meeting needs of hers that others don't! Your job is not to analyze this nor where the friendship-BF-lover lines are defined ... who knows anyway from day-day? Your are progressing to something cooperatively meaningful, so I say Go With The Flow and no more dams in this flow.

    As far as disconnecting from time-time, forget it - not everyone is communications agile and can defend agaisnt interruptions. You might be overthinking yuour good luck. Everyone has a special friend and it appears you found one more easily than most.