One worded texts from a guy...what does that mean?

I text this guy like all the time and he always replies back an OK, yep, and like a "ha ha." Does this mean he doesn't really want to talk, is he busy maybe, or am I just boring to him. I don't know what to do. I like talking to him but its hard to text when he just says a one worded text. What should I! :(


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  • As harsh as it sounds- you need to hear the truth- it will only help you in the end. He's Just Not that into you. Read the book, it actually makes sense!

    No guy is too busy, or just "not a text pr phone person"... These are just girls ways of making excuses to help them feel better. TRUST ME, if a guy wants to talk to a girl and if he's interested, hell go to the ends of the earth to make it happen- HE WILL FIND A WAY!... Nobody HAS time nowadays, you just MAKE time for things that are important. The faster you accept this reality, the sooner you'll move on.


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  • I think it means he's adolescent. I would never, ever date a person who didn't take the time to write something thoughtful. I would not hire a person who writes this way either.

    Find another fish.

  • you text him all the time? That's a problem... And him answering by single word is clear he doesn;t want to talk much or is busy yes. I guess you guys are not gf/bf, may be you shouldn;t text him that much at all if you are only friends.


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  • It means he doesn't find what you have to say interesting.

    You could try telling him exactly what you typed out here, that you like talking to him but it's hard to when he puts no effort into it but, in my opinion, that won't change anything so you'd be better off finding a guy that's actually interested in you.

  • It means he's either

    1) One of those people that just doesn't like texting or isn't good at it.


    2) He's not really interested in texting you.

    Usually it's the latter...if someone only texts me back one word I don't reply.