He Never Listens To Me--How Do I Get His Full Attention?

My boyfriend never seems to listen to what I say, although he claims he does and he just forgets what I said. This really hurts me too as I believe if something is really important to you - such as the relationship - you will listen to each other and not forget, I love him so much and don't want to split up, how do I get him to start listening to me fully?


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  • How long has this been going on? If it is fairly recent, ask him gently if he thinks you are getting on his nerves. You have to convey concern for him and not just for yourself (I don't think you are, but it's worth mentioning).


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  • Guys are so dumb, especially at this age. My girl told me similar things but I didn't understand what she meant over the last 7 years. It took me getting older and a breakup to get through to me. Now I listen and have learned to communicate much better. All I can say is try and let him know how important it is for you, but there's a great chance he still won't really get it.

  • could be many reasons, if he smokes pot 1 or more times a day he could literally be forgetting what you said (trust me I know this firsthand). He could have add, or maybe you've been annoying to him lately. Maybe something else in his life is bothering him a lot and he can't stop thinking about it. Whatever it is you have to talk to him more in order to find out.

  • throw boob in his face when you want him to listen

    i know it would work on me


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