What should your first kiss be like?

should it be long, short? just a peck? I'm dating a girl and I really like this girl and she really likes me but I've never kissed someone before and she has and I wanna kiss her.


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  • It depends on the chemistry between you two. Don't feel like the first kiss has to be a certain way. It will be better if it's unexpected anyway :)

    I just had my first kiss when I was 18. I had never kissed someone before and didn't really know what to do. So, for me it was one of those situations where my heart told me to let my soul take over my body. There are some situations where your soul should do the leading. Just let the truest depths of what you feel come to the surface and take control. Like when you dance, in a fight, when you play a sport...when you kiss :) My first kiss started out as a sweet peck for about five seconds. It was so electric, we couldn't just stop there! :D he gave me another kiss then before I knew it our tongues were in each others' mouths. Then he pulled away and gave me pecks all around my mouth, on my cheeks, and on my forehead. We couldn't stop :) But that was just us :) I never imagined such a passionate, lovely first kiss. So yeah, just live in the moment, and let your heart take over...great things will happen :)

    • thanks for best answer :)

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  • It should be very slow, soft and gentle. Try sitting near and holding hands, then maybe cuddling or hugging her. Read her body languages and behaviors, does she seem to want to get close or is she pulling away? Tread carefully! When you have some privacy very gently kiss her on the lips (don't use your tongue until you've kissed her a few times and then only if she likes this ) and gauge her reaction. Enjoy and don't rush.Try not to worry, dating is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully soon you will be confident to kiss all the time. :)

  • Everyones first kiss is different, doesn't matter if it its short or long, for me my first kiss was rough not gentle but some of my friends said theirs was soft and slow, its about the chemistry and the time you do it.

  • itll come naturally to u, ull just know what to do when you kiss her


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