Best Way to Call off the "Relationship"?

Guys... I've been kind of seeing this guy for a few months. He only wants to see me like once a month, but says he's not my BF, but also says that he doesn't want me to be his Girlfriend cause he's not ready for a "relationship". I'm ready to break it off with him. What's the best way? In person, text, phone call? I just don't want to deal with his drama anymore, but I don't want to just blow him off either.

My fault... I meant once a week, not once a month, that would be absurd :)


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  • The best way to break up is in person, to me at least. But if you can't go meet him, or he doesn't want to meet up, a phone call will work. Sooner or later you should meet face to face though.


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  • He only wants to see you once a month when he's good and ready and what are you suppose to do for the rest fo the month? This sounds like a guy who wants the benefit of having someone who's always there for him when he wants them but still wants to fool around elsewhere!

    I therefore don't think it's matters how you break it off, he doesn't deserve much consideration when he doesn't have enough of it for you!

    I know there are some guys who aren't ready for commitment but those guys just say that upfront and call it off if you ARE lookig for a relationship otherwise it'll never work (at least not yet). They don't however, tell a girl there are no labels and that they want to see you only once every're not a lap dog and he's not god!

  • you've been seeing him for a few months... I think it's best to do it over the phone. If the relationship was more serious, then that would warrant a face to face break up. But I think based on your description of the relationship, a simple phone call would do. I think one should never break up via text.. that's just rude. You should only break things off using email if you've only gone out 3 times or less.

  • depends how his temperment is, if you want to do it on the phone or in person.

    just say it's not working out for you anymore.

    if you want to be mean, tell him you've had better.

  • Just call it off in person. No offense, but I doubt he's thoughtful enough to write questions about you if he only wants to see you once a week and isn't even your man. Honestly I would quit calling, that's pretty much what he would do to you if he got tired of you. The relationship is not that deep so his feelings won't be too hurt.