Why did he stop talking to me?

So, I met this guy and I started liking him but he didn't know. One day, I messaged him so we kept messaging each other. He then asked for my number and a few days later I received a text from him. Since then, this guy would text me constantly and we would text each other the whole day. We hung out a few times but with a group of people but I never had the guts to tell him how I felt about him. One day he completely stopped texting me and I started wondering why, so I sent him a text and he replied back but he wasn't texting as much as he used to. One day I found out that he likes a friend of mine and he told me everything about them. I no longer wanted to keep my feelings from him, so I finally told him. The response I got after that was "why didn't you tell me before"? and "how can you even like me"? I replied to that and after that he never text me again. I want to know what went wrong, why he stopped talking to me and if he will ever talk to me again


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  • I think since you told him and he didn't respond directly then you should move on. The words he used are indicative of his ego boost,he felt good about it but at the same time he is already talking to some other girl.

    • But I still want to be his friend. Is it possible?

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    • you can try, but if he doesn't reply, you will most have to try and forget about him.

    • If you want to be his friends that's good thing but then question is that does he wants to be friends with you or not.I think it all depends on his decision.Doesn't hurt to ask directly that "hey you don't respond or talk what kind of friend are you?" try that.


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  • he sounds like a jerk to me, you have done wrong. your just open and honest with him. if can't be man and tell you straight how he feels and just ignores you. to be honest why are you wasting your time with him. find someone nicer. his loss. seriously don't waste your with men like that, they only ended breaking your heart and make a fool out of you. take care

    • you have done nothing wrong. don't feel bad.

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  • I guess it came as a bit of a shock to him. Obviously, the feelings were not mutual if he ceased contact with you. I know it hurts, but the best thing to do would be to move on.

    • It's not mutual because he's seeing another girl...

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    • But that creates problem sometimes wouldn't it? specially when the girl he's seeing is my friend too

    • Of course it does, which could be another reason why he ceased contact with you. Any way, you put it he could have been more upfront with you about his feelings instead of running off.