Need ideas for a first date?

basicaly going to ask a girl on a date, this will be my first date with this girl, any ideas would be appreciated, guys what's worked for you? girls what would you find romantic etc? thanks.


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  • I personally don't like dinner dates on the first date because its kind of intimidating and awkward to sit there and try and make conversation. Going to a place where you can look at stuff or walk around is more open and the conversation flows easier like someone else said a museum, zoo, trail, or laser tag would be fun to me :). Then after going there grabbing something to eat would be nice and we would have stuff to talk about and have warmed up to each other.


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  • Alright: Are you a good talker? Because you can just take her on a 'coffee-date'. It's casual, not scary and the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.

    If you're not really a talker, you can do something adventurous/sporty. I like ice-skating, for instance (we have those little ice skating rings where you can rent + skate).

    I love it when a guy cooks for me, but that's not really 'first date material'.

  • night showing at a museum


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  • Keep it simple. You're not already in love with her, nor is she with you.

    Let the first date be about fun, not romance.

    Romance will pressure a girl too early and might just scare her away.

    Instead I suggest something light, short and VERY fun.

    * Mini Golf followed by Dessert and Tea (paid for by the loser? .. make sure you lose.)

    * Early dinner at a cute little out of the way dinner?

    * Bowling combined with burgers and fries?

    * Amusement park?

    I found that most success with the women I've dated when I made the date informal, short (30 minutes with the option to add activities and time should things be going really well) and definitely fun!

    It doesn't matter what a woman thinks of you, only how she feels when she's with you, or thinking about you. So help her to feel happy, or excited.

    No pressure. ;)

    ~ Robby

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