How do I get back out there?

I think I'm ready to get back into the dating world. It's been a while and I'm on winter break from school. I'm 18 so I can only get into a few bars and my last girlfriend alienated most of my chick friends. what's the best way to get back out there?


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  • What bars? Bars are joke if you are looking to bring home someone for mom and dad bars aren't the best idea. You be surprise what a smile and saying hi to some chick can do these days. The key is to have relax confidence when approaching women in the day otherwise you will appear creepy. Even if you get rejected you still gain experience through conversation with women and you can focus on the points that need improvement, Good luck


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  • I agree. Bars are not the place to meet chicks, especially if you're 18 and not looking for just a hook up.

    Go find a new area, new club or place to hang out. Chill there until you see a girl, it doesn't matter if she's your type or not... talk to her. Don't be obviously hitting on her (That's usually annoying unless you look like an underwear model or an olympic athlete.) Just be nice and talk. Then as time goes on.. you can flirt more. Do this with a few girls, you'll be warmed up to get back into the game. Also, if you end up meeting a girl you really like in the process, it two birds with one stone. Good luck


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  • Forget the bars. Bars suk. Approach girls during the day who are by themselves. Expect about a 10% success rate for a date from your approaches. Don't take the rejections personally. Persist, have resiliance and you'll be golden.