How to let a guy down nicely after a date?

Went on a date...really was not feeling the chemistry. In all honesty the thought of having sex with him made my v*gina tighten. I just don't feel a connection at all.

He texted me saying "I had fun tonight" but I am SO not into it. I was thinking I'll tell him in the morning, but how do I let him down nicely? We met online so I think it's fair to email him because that was our main communication, and he thinks I went to bed early tonight so I don't have to answer.

What do I say?


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  • Be kind, but direct. Guys (especially like me) HATE "the dance"... in other words, your thoughts are right on the money, you just need to phrase it in guy talk:

    "You know, our date was nice, but I just wasn't feeling a connection" ~ And STOP talking. Silence can be powerful...


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  • "You seem like a nice guy but you're just not my type. Sorry."

  • Thanks so much for dinner. You're a kind soul. I must be honest, I'm just not feeling it. Attraction isn't a choice. Your heart is good, you'll find the right person very soon.


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  • That you had fun too and you think he's a great guy. But you just didn't feel anything and you're still open to being friends (: don't forget the smiley... maybe it should be a {= instead

    • In all honesty I don't really want to be friends. It was a date with a guy I barely know and we don't travel in the same circles. Is it fine to email him if we mostly just spoke through email? (We met online)

    • I don't see why not... If you aren't going to see him for a while then you don't want him going around telling his friends he "met someone". It's up to you if you want to email or call... technically it's all the same anyway. And if you don't want to be friends then just say you're open to keeping in touch. But usually guys never do that anyways when they're the ones who've been let down