I get very quiet on phone calls?

I'm not a quiet person at all, but when it comes to talk through a phone, it results very difficult for me to formulate a conversation, the worst thing is that I'm trying to work out a long distance relationship and I really hate this situation where I can't have a conversation with her because I get to quiet, because I don't want her to think that I am getting boring or that I' not interested in her anymore, do you guys and girls have any tips for me so I can get loose while talking on a phone?


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  • Ask her how her day was. That's like a 45 minute conversation for a women.

    But seriously, just talk, talk, talk. You've been on this planet long enough to have loads of interesting stories to tell so just start telling them. Doesn't matter if it's realevant to the conversation. My segway to those is "It's just like..." even if it's nothing like whatever the hell we were talking about.

    Also, it helpes if you "warm up" earlier in the day by talking ot people. This will put you in a talkative mood. If you live in a cave for a month you're social skills will get a bit rusty. Same with talking to people. So if you've been talking all day with people that are actually in front of you talking on the phone will be a sinch.

    Also, a trick I learned while working briefly as a salesman was to make calls while looking in the mirror. Because it's really hard not to smile while looking at your own reflection. It's goofy, but it works. It'll give you a positive, enthusiastic attitude that will make the words flow naturally.


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  • try going on skype and reading a book with each other. Or watch a movie with each other at the same time on skype. good luck

    • That would be perfect : ) I would pick a corny romantic movie awww... you really made me want to do that, but I don't know if that's possible because it results kind of hard for us to find a time were we both can skype.. :(

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  • Try video chat?

    Or texting?

    I hate the phone because it destroys all timing and vibing... cell phones turn in to Walkie-Talkie conversations, which I find annoying and terrible.

    ~ Robby

    • Yeah, we text all day long, and video chat would be perfect but it results really hard for us to find a time when we both are available to video chat, and because we want something more person than just txting the only option left is talking through the phone, and I really like talking to her, I just don't like how quiet I get...

  • Use Skype than you can use body language and facial expressions. Skype sex is pretty fun as well ;-) I am in a long distance relationship too where I can only see my girlfriend once a week but Skype has been a godsend.