Girls how would you like the first and second date?

Only girls please ,can you give detales about that girls will loooove those.what to do , what to bring and what to say :-)


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  • Well, this was my first date, and I thought it was sweet. He came to my house, and we ate dinner with my family, and we had really good conversations. Then we went to the movies. He paid for everything, and we just chatted and laughed untill it started. Then half way through the movie, he held my hand, which was very sweet! also, he just looked at me a lot with a very cute, sort of awestruck look, which was cute and romantic. Then, at the end of the date, he said goodbye and he gave me a big hug, and whispered goodnight into my ear, and then he looked into my eyes for a second, and kissed me, very softly and sweetly. then he hugged me again, and he left. I was glowing for the rest of the night!

    It was a very good first date. He didn't push anything, he kept good conversation, and he was romatic without being too much so since it was only the first date.


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  • it could pretty much be anything from diner or a movie to paintball or teaching her about your favorite video game. as long as there's something fun to do and you get to know each other :)

  • Playing with legos, grab something to eat and a walk around the town..


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