How can I get this guy to hang out over winter break?

Me and this boy have never talked, only exchanged quite a lot of looks or checking out. Its like every time we pass each other we look at each other, and he'll even go a bit out of his way to look at me.

I want things to go further, but we only have a week until Christmas break, and I would love to have a bit of romance over break.

Anyway, two problems: Never talked to him, we only look at each other frequently, and I have no cellphone OR Facebook to contact him with.

I have a week until break. It's probably impossible, but if I were to talk to him midweek and ask him to hang out at the end of the week, what would I say when I asked him out? I'm really shy, so any answer would be extremely helpful. I Just really want to initiate more than silly eye contact and everyone who I've talked to says he's too shy to talk to me himself. Please help!


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  • Make a Fb in ordert to get in touch with him then deactivate it