How do you ask a girl to hang out?

I am shy so I don't know it is hard for me to have enough courage to do this and I am afraid I will look stupid and that she won't like me. I just want a female friend because I really don't have any and that honestly makes me feel sad.


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  • haha I'll be your friend!

    Honestly, try asking girls to hang out at your favorite hangouts. It's obvious you have one thing in common if you're both at the same place. As for how to do it, perhaps try just casually walking over to her and mention something silly, like you really liked her eyes or you think her hair color is nice, she'll enjoy the compliment and it will open doors for a conversation. Talk to her just like you would any other friend, introduce yourself and so on.

    If you don't like that idea try hanging out with your normal friends and have them invite a few ladies you don't know. It'll put less pressure on you to start a conversation if the rest of the group is talking too. You'll likely meet a good friend that way too. I hope that helps.


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  • Just be like "hey, wanna see/do (insert activity/show/movie genre/whatever) sometime?" It's hard to spit it out, but if you just force yourself to say it, it should go pretty smoothly. Good luck :)

  • Well, you should just start talking to a girl you like? Don't ask her to to hangout so soon..make friends with her. Talk to her like you would with anyone else. Just be friendly with her you know? Try to make her laugh, most girls like a funny guy. :) Try to find something you both have in common. Then when you feel more comfortable with her you should ask her to the movies? Or to just chill, whatever you'd like. Its really not that hard. Hope this helps, and if you decide to go for it, good luck :)


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