How to make time away from the group of kids that I always hang out with?

i wanna get this girl at college I like alone for like 20 min... I know she must have feelings for me cause during a truth or dare game I was the only guy that she would let do stuff with her like kiss her stomach kiss her cheek and she kissed mine back.. problem is that we are always with at least 2 other people ... and it feels impossible that we would ever have a moment where we are alone ... I find this girl super attractive and has an amazing personality ... so just some ideas or anything like that ...


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  • you definitely need to just ask the girl on a date, before someone else realizes she's super pretty/great personality too. just go for it:)


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  • thats what dates are for. get her # or if you already have it ask her if she wants to go for coffee/lunch sometime in the near future.