What should I do..in this situation?

Well I used to like this guy (I liked him for 2 yrs) um well I just found out that his best friend likes me should I go for it or should I not. The problem is that I think the guy that I used to like likes me now.. they . both like me and they're both best friends ahh help


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  • Go for the one you like. If you go out with someone you're not interested in you're not basing the relationship on honesty. I've learned from experience that going out with someone you don't like will only spell disaster, no matter how good motivations you might think you have for it you'll regret it. Be honest about your feelings, not just for their sake but for your own sake.

    • Thank you hun it means alot


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  • Did the first guy like you too at the time you liked him? If not try the best friend.

    • Yeah the guy did like me and thanks so much for the advice

  • u shd go with the guy you like...of course