Who else kind of hates dating?

Guess this is a bit of a vent...I hate dating! I need to find someone from my cultural/religious background which makes it a lot harder, first of all.

Second of all, I'm about to graduate college, but I'm mature for my age and I'm not really interested in guys my age, but a lot of older guys don't want to date me because they think I'm too young and behind in life, but maturity wise I feel that I relate to them better.

Third, it is just so hard to find the right person. You can meet so many..online, places, etc...but it's so hard to find someone you feel a connection with.

You can go on so many dates, and end up with nothing.

Who else hates it?


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  • I go on NO dates. None. At least not in the past 5 years. Don't miss it in the least. It's like a job interview over dinner.


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  • I know exactly what your'e talking about! I have certain things that the girls I ask out have to meet, then I have to ask them out (no guarantees they'll say yes), then we have to go out and I gotta make sure to bring my A game. I have to pick the perfect place to take her for the first date, then It's on her to decide if I was good enough to go out with again. It's a pain in the ass. It needs to be like the movie FWB.

  • i hate it with a passion! is so overrated. and so much ass kissing involved


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  • dating sucks. I wish I was born with clear instructions on who I should end up with so I can skip all the in between stuff

  • Dating can be really frustrating. I agree with your third reason like so much. it's tons of guys out there and it's not hard 2 actually get a date but 2 find a guy you have a connection with is so not easy. I hate the dating process.