What does it mean when he asks me who am I talking to on the phone?

Well a guy I'm talking to says he is not the jealous type which is great, but he always text me asking what am I doing? (Controlling) maybe. And when I'm with him and I get a phone call he always asks me who it is? I never ask him when he gets a text or phone call I'm not jealous at all and can really care less but what does it mean when he asks me?


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  • In his defense, "What are you doing?" is often used as a conversation starter or to see if the person is too busy to have a conversation. And when someone interrupts their time with me to answer their phone, I would get annoyed if they gave no explanation. I wouldn't necessarily say those are red flags for being jealous or controlling. He is just taking an interest in you! Be glad he does ask questions :)


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  • I personally HATE those kind of questions.

    It could be controlling, don't really know. But definitely nosy.

    My best reply in these situations is to either ignore it or lie to them. "Oh, no one" or "Nothing".

  • jealous people never admit they're jealous! so either he's jealous or just nosey


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