Do kisses feel different when someone's lips are bigger than yours?

i never really thought about this but the other day, I was at a party and I made out with this guy who's lips were super thin. I have really big lips and I sorta felt like my lips were devouring his. I don't know if my lips were too big but even though his kisses were sweet, he kinda slobbered on me -_- lol

what do you guys think?

yeah, I always get 'youre a good kisser' but I can't always say the same about others haha


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  • I was always told I have " perfect kissing lips". From my experience I usually kissed girls who had smaller lips then me, but some of them were good , some decent, others tried to even eat my lips off like I had syrup on them or something. It depends on the persons kissing skills in my opinion and experience.


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  • yes, they feel a lot better and more enjoyable


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  • Thin lips are hard to really enjoy. I'm not actually attracted to guys with that feature. It might be a cultural thing, but the guys I've kissed always have wide, full lips. Perhaps not as full/"pouty" as mine, but at least enough to enjoy kissing and being kissed.