Are early relationships important for future dating success?

Something that I have always wondered was were exactly did my dating problems start. I wish I could look back at myself from when I was younger and remember why I developed some insecurities and self esteem issues that have plagued me forever.

To me it's a chicken or the egg issue. Did my lack of dating success/previous relationships cause my lack of confidence in myself, or did my lack of confidence in myself cause my lack of dating success?

So my question for you GAGers is: Do you think that the relationships you have at an early age are important to be successful in the dating game as you get older? What do you learn from them? What do you gain? What could you do without?

Any input or thoughts from personal experiences would be appreciated :D


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  • If they're important to success in the future, then I'm pretty much doomed to failure. :P

    I *know* it was my lack of self-esteem that got in the way before, and it wasn't a failed date or anything that caused me to be insecure. Now that I'm more confident, though, I just haven't bothered trying out the "dating scene". Don't really feel a need to at the moment, but I guess that's because I'm so focused on school.

    Anyways, I think dating experience helps you figure out what you like and don't like, but I don't necessarily think it's vital for you to be successful in the future.


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  • I hope they aren't critical, or I'm screwed. But honesty, they say you learn more from failing than from succeeding. So as long as you try to change things and not keep making the same mistakes, I don't think your past has to define yor future.

  • don't focus on the past, you can't change that. it doesn't matter if they mmake a difference or not. focus on the now


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  • No. As a man, gaining wealth and social status is important for future dating success.

  • Yes, because success begets success and failure begets failure.