Is something wrong with me? ex boyfriend VS boyfriend

To make things semi short. my current boyfriend now was my "first" the one I lost my virginity to. I was 16 when we dated we didn't date too long because of other issues and there was his "first" who he would go back and forth to with me and her. with that said I had extremely strong feelings for him and it seemed to never go away, I started dating my EX now blake and we dated for 4 years but even while dating him I would miss and think about jacob and wonder how it would be to be with him.. me and blake split up 6 months ago and now I'm dating Jacob again.. Blake has a new girlfriend and it kills me I was his first love, everything and he is down right good man and I see that I took him for granted big time.. Jacobs more of the bad boy type and whle I wanted that Blake is the mature non- game playing just real geniune person and now I miss him more than ever.

Is it normal for me to still be thinking about him, wondering what he's up to and upset about him with someone new ?


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  • Yes of course it's normal, you realized you made a mistake and now he's taken again but that's okay, such is life.

    At least you've had the chance to be with that sort of guy and acclimated yourself to parts of his personality that you really like and can actively look for in a new mate.

    Keep on truckin'


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  • Its not normal for you to be worried about desire and wanting to fulfill it. Stop considering the dating concept and just go have fun on an unconditional status. If you want sex go get sex. Dating restrict life's potential experiences in experimentation. No attachments allow unlimited experimentation. Get out of that 20th century mind set! This is the 21st century!


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  • totally normal. Maybe you aren't ready to date again though