Am I annoying him? Through text?

The guy I like told me that he likes me a little bit but he has a girlfriend :/

Anyways, we text and stuff, and I feel like I always text him first.

And then during the conversation I'll say something and he will just stop replying.

Does it sound like he is annoyed with me?


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  • well it could be anything, and considering that he has a girlfriend he may feel guilty being with her and talking to you at the same time. Or he may be getting tiered of it because guys don't like going through the same things over and other so yeah consider those things.


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  • It could be he is just too busy. People often can't answer texts right away, being at work, or driving, etc.

    • well he just stops the convo, like doesn't ever reply. It feels like it happens with every convo we have

    • Perhaps it is time to call him on it? I am predicting he will text "sorry, at work/school/etc., go to go bye", but knowing is better than not knowing.

What Girls Said 2

  • No to me it sounds like he has a girlfriend. Maybe don't text him for a couple of days and see if he contacts you.

    • Yeah he has a girlfriend...I said that lol.

      He calls me cute and adorable all the time...he told me one day that he likes me, but his best friend also likes me.

    • I know you said he has a girlfriend, I guess I shouldve been more clear. I was answering your question when you said does he sound like he is annoyed with me? I was saying no he doesn't, he just sounds like he has a girlfriend so he may stop texting and stuff because you aren't his main priority.

  • Face it; he thinks you're annoying.