Good idea to hang out with her in a group?

With help from her best friend I was able to set up a day during our 3 week break(sometime next week) to hang out with the girl I like, her friends, and my friends at the mall. I was hoping that I could use this to talk and flirt with her and I was excited about the idea and maybe even ask her out on that day, but I'm having second thoughts about how good of an idea it is, maybe I'm just nervous, but I feel as if I should cancel and make up an excuse why =/. What do you all think is it just my nerves or is it really a bad idea?


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  • I think this idea was right on. This is the best way to see how she is around her friends doing what she normally would and will give you great insight into how compatible you are. And, if you pay attention, you will even learn what to talk about ;) She won't feel awkward with friends around and thus she won't hold back. Seeing how well you fit in with her friends may also help her to see you in that way as well. This is what I do when meeting a guy for the first time, the mall is a great place because it's out in public, so it's safer than other choices, and with so much to see, you can always find something to talk about.

    • What if she tells her friend no should I take that as rejection?

    • It might just be a bad time, or try suggesting a different outing. Maybe she doesn't like the mall?

    • Her friend who has contact with her says she loves the mall and yesterday when I asked(her friend) if the girl I like would actually go she said yes, but she hadn't got an answer so I'm not sure if I should exactly get my hope up because of what her best friend says.


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  • It's definitely your nerves! Take the chance man! What's the worst that could happen? Whenever I do something that makes me nervous I say to myself "deep" Just be yourself and if worst comes to worst keep smiling :)

  • it def is just nerves. don't sweat it too much. just go out on the group thing and see how it goes. you never know. you have nothing to lose!


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