I've never been on a date.

I'm 18, and I've never been on a date! I've hung out with guys before, but no one has ever said "Hey, would you like to go out with me on friday night?" or "I would really like to take you on a date". What makes a date a date anyway?

Anyway, I'm really distraught over this. I don't think I'm ugly, and I know I have an awesome personality...i was talking with my friends when dating came up in convo. And then I realized that I had never been asked on a date! How unusual is it to be 18, and to never have never gone on a date?


Most Helpful Guy

  • What makes a date a date is different for everyone. People posting here will give you 200 different answers. My view of dating has always been pretty cut and dry. I consider it a date when I'm interested in the person as someone I would like to be in a relationship with. I have friends that are girls that I have no interest in and we all just understand that we are just going out to have fun. Dating has changed radically in our world and people now try new and different ideas. But it all kind still has the same meaning I would think. If you like a guy, or a girl if that's what your into, then you go out for coffee or dinner, or whatever. Your both learning things about each other by engaging each others senses. Again for the cheap seats and the Napoleon Dynamites that can;t think critically, this is my opinion on the subject. Oh, and 1 more thing. It doesn't really matter that your 18 and you are still date free. What is 18, aside from your age? Who cares! You should date when you feel comfortable and ready to do so. If you look at it from some time line kind of mentality, you won't enjoy it as much. So take your time. And if that doesn't work, then let me know. Ill take you on a date. Dress warm with comfy shoes because your going to get your ass kicked at some mini-golf! =) I hope this helps. You'll be just fine I think. - J