Are you guys just rubbish at texting?


so five weeks ago I came back from a holiday for friends wedding where I met a lovely guy, whose not my type but we just clicked, he's also my best friends husbands friend so I got to no him well...anyway since the holiday we've met up at least once a week, I really like him, he's took me for dinner etc, when I see him it feels great, he's just a nice normal bloke which I like, he can't charm or anything like that, however my only problem is he hardly texts me...he has always initiated meeting me...and he did tell me on holiday he is rubbish at texting, and my friends have said he is rubbish at texting but if you really like a girl you would text a lot wouldn't u|? I just wondered if there are guys out there that are just generally bad at responding or if I'm just being used..also how do I go about asking him without looking stupid what our situation is and if were going out or do I just wait till he asks


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  • lol how can someone be bad at texting, it's so f***ing easy to do. Well just ask him flat out what the deal is, you'll get a straightforward answer with that.

  • I'm bad at texting, don't use texting against him. I never text anyone, not my friends, not my family, no one. Doesn't mean I don't care about them.

  • Wow it sounds like the guy is not that interested at all. You could do much better. For me texting is exciting when a relationship is developing. but how can you be rubbish at texting? lol


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  • it swings both ways , you MAY be getting used or you now got yourself a horrible texter . id say go along with it but be careful , ease down on the texting and try to make plans to talk on the phone . DONT PUSH ! just ease it in like a little flirty , try this ' hey you you should call me tonight , we can pul an all nighter ' and see what he says it works most of the time ! if it doesn't then move on to someone who would want to talk to you even through a walkie-talkie ! good luck babe ! :)