Girls, what signs do you show over text, to show that you like the guy?

And if a girl makes you initiate all the texts usually, is that an okay thing from her end? Should I start waiting for her to start initiating conversations with me?

If a girl texts me at 3:50am in the morning, to respond to a text I wrote to her at 11pm, is that a good sign?


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  • I would say wait & see if she ever text you first. even though some girls just really have a problem with texting guys first so maybe she's relying on you 2 text 1st. (some girls say they're afraid 2 look desperate, clingy etc) If you give her a chance 2 text you first, then it shows that she was thinking about you. if you're always texting first, then you might never know. signs she's interested? if she ask you questions. she's trying to get to know you which means there might be some form of interest there. or she says something that kinda initiate seeing you.

    • How long should I wait max, before she texts back? A week?

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    • I think she does like me to an extent, but I know there's other guys that like her as well. The ball is in her court unfortunately... I have more to lose than she does. /=

    • It's now been 3 days since we last talked. Wonder how long it will take...


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  • people start stressing about such little things like initiating a conversation. if you want to talk to her, send a text. and things that show she likes you depends from person to person. some people naturally as smiley and winky faces to texts, some only do it if they are interested,

    if you usually initiate the texts and then stop all of a sudden, then maybe she'll get the idea that you don't want to talk anymore. you could say something like: "i'm gonna be kinda busy tomorrow, but if you wanna talk, just text me." she'll get the idea.

  • Texting back right away, keeping up the conversation. Lots of smiley faces

  • winking faces, etc.


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  • Don't wait for her to text you because she might not and the convo will die out.

    • I don't like always being the one to start all the conversations though. Wish she did it for once. /=

    • you and me both brother =) Look at my questions BTW I asked something similar

    • ha. yeah! I commented on your question actually, before you posted here.