How to get Him to ask you out?

Well, I'm not forcing him. (: I mean. I already know he likes me, but he's kinda the shy type slache loud behind my back. Hehe. I can't explain it right. he's only quiet and respecting near me, but when I turn around he's goofing off with his friends. I get that silent thingie when he's near me. Its kinda like, he doesn't know what I'll thinknof him. I'll probablysay yes. I'm just having problems having him asking me out. Again, I told you, I already know he likes me (; . Any advice? I'm dealing with a pro at confusing others. LOL.


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  • Ok Well honestly I used to be this guy. And the truth is that he his scared of you becouse he has the fear of rejection just like every other guy. He doesn't want to make a fool out of himself is why he does the silent thing around you. The way you get him to ask you out is by giving him confidence through lots of little things. First you need to start texting or calling him first don't make him do all the work. Ask him to hang out be assertive don't wait on him. Last flirt like crazzzzy but whatever you do don't forget to stare yes stare check him out like all you want is him and when he sees you stareing look away like you didn't want him to notice ( but you do) lol. Do this often becouse this is something that guys look for. :)

    • Haha. I understand quite a little bit more why he acts like that. In my head I'm thinking why? Why don't you just ask. Hehe.. Fear of rejection my ass. I guess I'll have to put forth a bit more effort if I wana get this guy (; hey, thanks. I like this answer. XD

    • Lol np. As ya it's really not so much fear of rejection as fear of picking up the wrong vibes, like I said guys love definite solid clues not just vibes and hints ha ha were clueless. Glad this could help:)

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  • You don't! You ask him out. Yes, really :) My boyfriend's mom asked her husband to marry her. I was the one to ask my boyfriend out and our relationship is amazing. He'll probably think very highly of you and be impressed, and you'll be satisfied instead of waiting for something that might not come if you don't do it yourself

  • Just talk to him and let him know you wanna hangout one day