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Guy who blew me off contacted me today...Advice please

ok so guy and I were getting closer and closer after two months of dating. then last date happened and he had told me he wld be busy all week but... Show More

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  • I dunno. Sounds complicated already. I don't think I could NOT talk to a girl for 2 weeks, nor 2 days . If you had really ment something to him, he wouldn't have even given you the bull about not being able to talk to you for that long. sounds like A. he is seeing someone else and wanted to explore other options before he pursues you B. he was trying to blow you off but you made him feel guilty with the text c. he is simply too selfish to ensure he comunicates with you and keep you from stressing the situation. Regardless, don't make mistakes like I have, check him out a little more before you continue

    • i hear ya...going to try and be careful with this one!

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  • follow Your heart?

    • yes! best piece of advice I could be given...i decided no games, no one-ups, no playing it cool...gonna go with how I feel and see what happens! :)

    • YaY!

  • He sounds like he is going through a seriously devastating relationship, and A. He's not divorced yet, so dating him might not be a good thing. At least he sees that, even if you dont. B. He's clearly either trying to re-kindle or save his marrriage or going through some major emotions that he knows you can't help with, and that means...in the end if you start dating him you may well be Miss Rebound. Because he while he CAN have feelings for you if he's still getting over feelings for another, it will be muddled and hard to work. It might be better to just try starting to look for someone more emotionally available.

    • thanks for your feedback...i shld have explained it better...they were split up done before she left with kid...he is devastated over child...they were done for well over a year now and he wants nothing to do with her...she tried coming back and he said no. it was bad marriage (similar to mine). but the child issue is a huge burden on him because he loves his son and wants to see him more.

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