Guy who blew me off contacted me today...Advice please

ok so guy and I were getting closer and closer after two months of dating. then last date happened and he had told me he wld be busy all week but when I didn't hear from him I took it as a blow-off and sent him a long text saying how upset I was I didn't even get a call. he didn't respond. I was very upset. figured OK was def a blow off and prob didn't help I sent a kind of pathetic text to him. anyway, two weeks later, today, he contacts me apologizing. saying he had feelings for me but freaked out esp because of the divorce battle he was in at moment and the text I sent got him more freaked out but that it was his fault not mine and he took 100 percent blame and wanted to apologize for how he treated me because he thought I was great girl. my friends are like don't write back just say thank you and leave it at that. but I didn't want to. I'm sick of the supposed games I'm supp to play with guys. so I told him how I felt. I said how I regretted sending him the long text Because it was overkill and that I got scared as well which is y I sent it. and he said no it's his fault not mine. and then we talked some more and he said that again I was great girl and he wanted to still see me but not until after he got the divorce final when he could concentrate more. and that he would call me and that if I didn't want to pick up he would understand. I said I would like that. I didn't want to come across as too available but fact is I thought it was pretty nice of him to get in touch with me and say what he said and be honest and I wanted to be honest as well. what do you guys think? do you think we have a chance in the future of working out? I'm not going to sit around waiting for his call but I rarely get feelings like this for someone and don't want to pretend they aren't there. anyone have any advice for me?


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  • I dunno. Sounds complicated already. I don't think I could NOT talk to a girl for 2 weeks, nor 2 days . If you had really ment something to him, he wouldn't have even given you the bull about not being able to talk to you for that long. sounds like A. he is seeing someone else and wanted to explore other options before he pursues you B. he was trying to blow you off but you made him feel guilty with the text c. he is simply too selfish to ensure he comunicates with you and keep you from stressing the situation. Regardless, don't make mistakes like I have, check him out a little more before you continue

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      i hear ya...going to try and be careful with this one!