We have been on and off for a year because his parents hate me. What do we do, and what are we labeled as?

This guy and I have been on and off for a year. We keep going on and off because his parents hate me (even though they've never really met me or gotten to know me) I'm in love with him and I know he's in love with me. Right now were just talking since his parents told him he couldn't be with me. Everyone thinks were friends with benefits but were not. I just want for once that I can be with the guy I truly love with out his parents trying to change me, break us up, or influence his decisions about me. I really want to be with him! I don't know what to do and right now were trying to decide "what we are" cause I'm confused. What exactly are we. Can someone please help? All I wanted was to be with the guy I love.


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  • You sound very young. Real love is serious. Wait for the right guy. You will know, his friends and family will alzo love you. Lust is not love. You don't have to fight for real love. That is just in the movies.

  • Sounds like a forbidden love situation. I think you're seeing each other, a complicated relationship