He acts interested but won't text me, why?

I worked with a guy for a year but we didn't talk much because I had a boyfriend at the time or boyfriend issues going on. He would flirt with me sometimes and we would make jokes with each other but we never conversed. I ended up moving back home, 3 hours away, and he started messaging me on Facebook when I left! OK so his timing was a little off, but he gave me his number anyways. We talked all week, text all the time, flirted ( he said I was beautiful, and said he had always noticed me ) it was fun and then he just stopped. I text him once 4 days later saying hi and got no response. Just wondering what could have happened, was it too time consuming for him, did he think it was pointless? I'm actually moving back there and I sent him a message saying " I'm thinking of putting my application back in" and got nothing. Its been almost a week and he hasn't said anything to me. I like him and I want to talk to him, what do I do and does it mean anything? He's 27 and I'm 25. and he knows I am single now.


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  • Kick back and stop contact. He knows you're out there. The ball is in his court.

    • I said hi to him once in the last week. I guess its a wating game now. I'm not texting him again I know that much.

    • At least you get to see his true colors.


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  • Well I think you've done well enough to show interest, so I would wait for his reply, but at the same time don;t wait for it, be busy with your own stuff, you don;t wanna look desparate.

    So its his turn to make some effort, if not then f**k it move on.


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  • Wait for him to call or text you. Its a big turn off for a girl whose so protestant.