I have a boyfriend but I like someone else too, what do I do?

Me and this kid started talking last year around this time, we really liked each other but I had made it seem like I didn't want a relationship even though I really liked him and he started talking to someone else and eventually went out with her. We still liked each other throughout his relationship and everyone could tell. I've been dating someone for 4 months now but still have feelings for the other guy. He now broke up with his girlfriend, and when he found out I was with someone, that same day he texted me saying we need to hang out soon and stick together when everyone leaves for college. I love my boyfriend, but I still REALLY like this other person. What should I do? :'(


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  • Sort yourself out I guess. Either follow your vagina to the new guy, or stay with your boyfriend and forever wonder, what if?

    • Yeah :/ it just sucks because no matter which decision I make there will be a negative outcome.

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  • Break up with the other dude, you can't be making it seems like your going go with hum.

    • Break up with who? I'm not dating them both at the same time I don't know if that's how I made it seem.