How to talk to men? How do guys like girls to talk to them?

I don't mean how to literally go up and talk to them, but the style of speaking. Naturally, men like different topics than women, and it would seem that they would never talk about half the things you could talk about with one of your girl friends. One of those said girl friends mentioned to me that you should tease guys a lot and joke around with them.

Would you agree? How do you like girls to talk to you, guys?

Asking because I have hardly any guy friends, and no boyfriends to speak of either, so not much experience.


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  • Be sweet. Be feminine. Be flirty. Just start a regular conversation and signal your interest. If he's interested, he'll bite. Give him something to bite. Do not ask your girlfriends what guys like to hear. I've seen Cosmo in the supermarket. They don't know what they're talking about. Ask a guy. Also, whatever you do, do NOT be sarcastic at all.

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      Ah okay, I like this. So then, if I shouldn't read magazines on flirting and such, how do you think men like to be flirted with? :)

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      Yes. Dave Chappelle made some jokes in his standup special about women listening to other women in magazines. His short list of what men want is oversimplified and a joke, but the general point that men aren't THAT hard to please is true.

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      Haha! Yeah I guess it doesn't make a lot of sense to listen to other girls but I don't know of many guy-written advice columns for women... guess that's what GAG is for ;) I will def find ways to try and incorporate some non-weird touching haha.