When it comes to dating...should you force it or let it happen naturally?

Personally I would just rather go about my life and if I encounter a guy and we have good chemistry, then take it from there. however, my roommate keeps trying to set me up with guys. I just feel pressure then. but she's all "take a chance! talk to him...see what happens!". but with all these guys she's trying to set me up with, it would be long distance relationships...


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  • It is neither right nor wrong. You should do what suits you, not other people. I have a friend who was married via a family arrangement and she is very happy with her man. Personally, I can't do that. I am the same way as you. I move forward with my life till I come across a man whom I feel he is the one I would like to be with. I don't force it. That said, a lot of people just sit at home expecting the "one" to drop them a visit. That is not going to happen. People should go out and meet people to increase the probability of meeting a great partner. :) Long distance relationship + a setup is a horrible idea in my opinion. LDRs are harsh even when you know the person, mind you if you don't. I don't recommend it at all. Good luck. :)

    • thanks for the advice! this question I asked earlier relates to this...maybe you could help? link

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  • Try mingling and flirting around your campus or area.The malls always good place to meet people in the food court.If there's a guy you see sitting by himslef(no ring)Aproach and say can I sit with you I'm kinda lonely.89% he will say yes.

    O and tell her to stop setting you up with dudes away from you more like closer :)

  • I'm with you - just let it happen.


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