Do guys analyze text messages like we do?

Like do you guys think about what you type or do you guys just send? Because when I'm texting the guy I like I read the message over and over making sure I don't put too many hahas or give him the wrong idea. Do you guys do that too? & do you guys take forever to text back on purpose?


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  • i analyze a text message that the girl I like sends me over and over and really put too much into it. I need to start taking a long time to respond to her or not repsond at all to get further cause I have learned that responding in a timely manner like I prefer gets a guy nowhere with most sad as that is for me to admit cause I want to do things my way. sometimes I will even type it out ahead of time to think it thru if you like the person than you will plan and analyze everything you and they do...sometimes making what they say into what you want them to say. if you're talking or texting with someone you like it might just be best to ask them what they think...

    can you go answer my latest question and give me your opinion?

    • Actually taking awhile to respond to a girl freaks her out. We always come to conclusions


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  • I try not to sound stupid in my messages and I make sure I am not seeming desperate... but doing that is really not that difficult. I would do the same thing if I was talking on the phone or in person. I am usually quick to respond when I get a text message just because if I don't respond immediately I will forget about it.

  • personally I just put down the first thing I think, and I don't analyze what is sent to me either.

    on average my texts are only about 10 words and if I have something longer or more important to say ill just call.


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  • Honestly I don't really analyze text messages. I myself believe that if you really want to talk to someone you should just call them or talk to them face to face, because nothing beats seeing a person react to what is being said. Text messaging is soo unreliable; you might send someone a text message and they might not even get it until the next day or not at all. So for me a phone call is a great way of communication. Even if there are a few awakwardly silent moments at least you can lay your issues on the line without trying to decifer someones text code. I'm not saying texting should be abolished I myself text but I feel texting is mostly good for when you want to send a quick shout out to a friend or need a funny pick up from your favorite comedian. Here's something I just wanted to leave you with: when you look someone in the eyes you can always tell, if they are lying or how sincere they are, but if your just relying on a truthful message from a certian someone you never know if that person is really the next best selling fiction author.