What should I do about HIM now? he hasn't called in 3 WEEKS!!

We’ve been together for 3months.. after 2 months he changed and started been all weird and not calling me much.. he use to call me everyday..last time I saw him he got really angry and accused me of cheating on him... and I told him That he's the only one for me.. he said am lying.. I asked him if he says any proof that am cheating he didn’t say anything just said he knows and I know that am cheat.. but am not cheating on him I like him.. I started falling for him.. he says am playing games with him he doesn’t care about me anymore.. and always starts arguments... I TOLD HIM THAT IS HIM THAT I WANT and that am not cheating on him.. We made up.. I asked him if he still likes me.. if he's still interested in me like we 1st met.. he said yes.. and he told me to call him we reach home.. I called but he didn’t answer so I texted him and its been a 3 WEEKS now he hasn’t called or texted me.. Not even on NEW YEARS.. And I haven’t contacted him either...What is going on? WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? Please help me..x


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  • uhhhhhhhh I have more contact with the guy I am just "talking" to than you do w/your BOYFRIEND! In my opinion, if you are dating you (at least) need to talk to e/o 3-5 times a week, at least. This is not normal. I would drop him. It's too wishy washy and sketchy. If he accuses you non stop of cheating I would get sick and tired of it and not put up with it. I think you deserve better.


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  • so your bf? of 3 months hasnt

    called in 3 weeks? if he hasn't

    called you haven't seen him?


    i think he might be cheating on you


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  • Well there could be a million reasons his being waste. Best thing to do is tell him your sick of him playing games and mean ask him why he hasn't tried to keep in contact? That you love him but if he's going to treat you like this then I want out of this relationship and mean it.