He said :"let's hang out , you tell me when"

Guys what those this mean? I mean aren't you guys supposed to ask the girl and you say where and the time to see if she can actually make it?

This girl is your friend and you haven't seen her for like 4 months ,cause you moved to a different city. But there was kinda of a romantic background. Then You see her in a party with your friends and you say "let's hang out,you tell me when". And she replies how about you tell me when OK ? ... I'm confused is it a date or something?

I'm going insane I think he invited one of our friends over?Ough! I don't get thiss! WTH!


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  • It seems that he's trying to appear confident by making you an 'offer that you can't refuse', i.e. assuming that you're down to 'hang out' and that it's just a matter of when. I'd say he's trying to get you on a date.

    • i just feel really weird cause he also is asking me where I want to go and stuff like that it pisses me off it's like you were the one with the "lets hang out" idea :|


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  • Maybe he just doesn't have a clue about asking women out, or maybe he wants to go some where with you where you enjoy going. It sounds like wants to hang out to date you.


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  • Haha he's gaining control. That's completely a control thing and kind of creepy. If you want to upper hand, tell him you'd love to go out but only if he decides to ask you out on a real date rather than the idea of one.