How do I keep her interest while they are dating?

Complicated story, but just looking for some female perspective. Hooking up (nothing heavy) at parties. Girl wants to go home with the guy but she was drunk and he said no. Guy ask girl when sober and she had felt rejected before and says no. Lot of tension and unsure of each other, but still hook up at parties. A lot of interest on her part still per others. The Second to last party Another hook up, but I later found out she just started seeing someone. The last party she was supposed to attend she did not.

This new relationship will not last, he was the guy she would go to for an explanation of me. At the last party we were both at he lived 3 blocks away, but she went home with a girlfriend 45 min away. If you were in a new relationship would you go home to him or a girlfriends. I have no intention to break them up, but how do I keep her interest while they are dating. Also, their dating is not public knowledge, I go it from another girlfriend of hers.


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  • Don't count on them breaking up, honestly, especially if they were friends before. If you care that much, you need to tell her how you feel, whether she's in a relationship or not, and explain why you rejected her before. Otherwise she will be even more confused if you continue to show signs of liking her (which is inevitable, I think) when she already tried to go home with you. You guys need to sit down and figure out who's confused and why, and sort it out. If she's not confused at all, you need to trust that she is making an informed decision no matter if it burns out or continues and goes well. It's possible that she's attracted to you, but doesn't want to date you. But don't try to keep her interested, sit down and disclose everything (yes, feelings) and if she was at all interested to begin with, that should be enough to make her think or leave the guy. But don't tease her trying to keep her interested in you while with this other guy.


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  • So, let me get this straight. You want her to be interested in you while she's dating someone else, but you don't want to break them up?! I understand some of what you're saying, but I don't think its right. Correct me if I'm wrong or explain it to me...

    • I know she is interested but is either still hurt over the rejection or her embarrassment. She ran to him as back-up. I want their relationship to run its course, it doesn't appear to me that she is really that interested in him, and all the signs she gives me now are the same as other girls gave me before we dated. I just want to take this time to eliminate her embarrassment/reservations, but not end up in the friend zone so I can re engage after they break up.

    • Oh...if SHE'S interested too then send her apologly roses or just talk to her. Send messages through her girlfriends...she's mad so she's playing hard to get. That's what I say, but I may be wrong. Good luck :)

  • Try handing out with her while neither of you are intoxicated, and make her feel special if you think she is. Do not lead her on. Sounds like you may not want to date her just keep her single which isn't fair.

    • I asked her out and do want to date her. I accidentally omitted the word date above.

  • It sounds like you like a her bit more than you are willing to admit

    • I admit it freely, I just have enough experience evaluating relationships. I am just bad on acting, which is why I want your help on how to approach this.

    • Since she is seeing someone there is not much you can do other than laying it in the line with her. This is assuming you like her for more than just a hookup. But don't get hung up on her otherwise your setting yourself up for a disappointment. Be kind and sweet take step back and show her you like her more than just for sex.

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