I never dated! Any advice on dating!

I have never dated in my whole life and never kiss a guy. Since I'm 21 (and I'm single) I think it is time to go in the dating scene. I know nothing about the dating scene at all. Could someone help me out a bit and if you could answer how dating works that would be great! Does anybody have any advice for me such as; flirting, how do I know a guy likes you, how to find guys, etc. Thanks!

I am currently in college right now and I am little bit shy. I really do not know anybody in college except for my professors and some of my interesting classmates (weirdoes)! Maybe next semester will be better! (I hope)


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  • You're in for a shock. I'd start with guys you've known for a while, and I'd start with group dating, rather than couples right away. In the US dating is so much about selling yourself, that I gave up on formal dating in my teens. Try to meet guys in the course of day to day life rather than in a formal dating situation, you'll be happier in the long run.

  • nothing special about it - you just go to a place you can sit , have a drink , have a chat and talk . you don't need to really change your own behavior or really need to 'learn' something . just talk and let the thing go with the flow :D relax :) how to find guys , that difficult , I don't know how to find a girl either , I just meet them in one way or another , or I see a girl and I approach her . in class , in bars , at the trainstation , ...

    flirting , nothing better than just eyecontact , genuine interest and smiles ( and body contact once in a while :p )

    how do you know if a guy likes you - if he talks to you or if you are on a date with him , he probably is already interested , guys don't often date/talk to girls because they want to be polite or sweet ;-)

    • Thank you for your advice!

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