Is it normal to go to movies if you're just friends?

So me and my friend have done something every weekend for the last two months, usually it's movies, so is it normal (in high school) to go to one on one movies with a guy or are we just weird?


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  • hanging out one and one with someone of the opposite gender is fine even if you're just friends. I will warn you however that whenever I hang out with a female friend one on one, I always feel some sexual tension. even if I don't like them like that, the sexual tension is still there.


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  • yeah I did that once and I just felt like making out with her you know. And I never even liked her before.


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  • of course its fine. I have a very good guy friend... we both hang out a lot ...just the two of us. going to a movie... or shopping...or having lunch/dinner outside. its totally cool. as long as you enjoy each others' company as friends there is nothing weird about it.