How do you get approached by a guy?

I need some help! Since I never dated or kiss a guy in my whole life. I was wondering what you had to do to get approach by a guy? Do you have to where something or constantly talk to someone,etc. Thank you in advance!


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  • Most importantly, you have to make yourself approachable through non-verbal signs.

    Make eye-contact with guys and smile at them. But more importantly, keep an open posture. Don't cross your legs too much (unless you're wearing a skirt or something), don't hold your handbag/purse in front of you, don't grab your glass in front of you with two hands, etc.

    Don't wear too fancy clothes/too much make-up/jewelry. This will flag you as high-maintenance, something guys dread.

    And sitting by yourself makes it MUCH easier to get approached then being in a group.


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  • To get approached by guys, you need to be confident, never judge them on first appearances, always smile when looked at, even if your not interested, because this will show guys your popular and approachable, the rest will become easy, good luck,x

    • Thank you and I will try this next semester (when my classes start again)!

    • most important is be friendly towards everyone, because eventually the guy you like will approach you, its a guy thing, but we like to watch before we judge or approach, remember that, good luck,x

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  • well how I did it was I let friends of friends know that I was single and they just let their friends of friends know that I'm single and then the word gets out that I'm a single girl who is really nice and looking for a boyfriend, then guys that know mutual friends of mine comes to talk to me and ask for my number. I met a guy from a house party, it was the boy's birthday. I met a guy at a club, it was his sister's birthday party. Stuff like that. Other than that, you could find friends of friends on Facebook and try small chat like, hey I use to know you how are you? things like that. and then hopefully you guys talk about things like you get along and it would be great to meet up. good luck