Comfortable with texting, so should I call now?

I've been talking with my ex again, well just texting, but we'll text every couple days for a few hours at night. We ended up breaking up because of bad timing, but I'd like to get back together. What I'm wondering is if I should just continue the texting and going with what's been the usual / comfortable, or should I change it up and give her a call? Only thing holding me back I guess is just my uncertainty of how she'll react to a call.


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  • Go ahead and give her a call. She may be reluctant at first, and there's no guarantee it'll work. BUT if she's feeling the same as you, and there's a chance of her wanting to get back together, a phone call will definitely help. A woman gets feelings back by hearing a man's voice. Seeing a text doesn't do a whole lot to develop that.

    • I've been leaning towards the phone call; to the other answer's point, I'm just not sure about looking too needy...texting has been working fine so far, so why mess up what I've been able to work on building up I guess? But then again, like you mentioned, it would definitely be nice to talk via voice instead of just words on a screen.

    • Honestly I disagree with the other answer. If you were calling over and over again and it was clear she wasn't interested, then I'd say you're being too needy. But in a situation like this, call me old fashioned, but if the guy didn't make that next step I never would. It would not seem needy to me and it would tell me he was interested in more. Texting is easy, calling means something.

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  • keep doing what you doing bro, don't force it. matter fact let her initiate the phone call cause you don't want to look too needy