Is he annoyed with me?

I like this guy t my school and he likes me back we just arnt dating. I have very strong feelings towards him. We text a lot but I'm always the one to start the convo. I told myself that I need to stop testing or calling him unless he texts or calls me first.I have gone almost a day and haven't received a text. It's really hard not to text him. Am I doing the right thing? Is he annoyed with me?


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  • no, in fact you're probably driving him insane! I do this to girls I like all the time. I try not text them as much, to make it seem like I'm not interested. if he's doing this to you then that most likely means he likes you. if you hold out longer than a day at a time it would be good tho! try and leave up to a week before texting him again. he'll notice the change in the frequency of your texting and see this as a sign that he's done something wrong. hope this helps! =p


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes! you're doing the right thing, dude its only been a day! relax let the that end..he just gots to start figuring out that he has to text you from time to time.