I met this girl recently and found out she has two kids and I'm torn! What to do?

she seems nice and good looking but kids have always been a DB


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  • I think that you should get to know her better than decide. There are tons of single women without kids that you may meet but aren't what you look for and she could be the one you really like. You shouldn't disregard her just because she has kids. It's not like dating a single mother means you have to take care of her kids. If you do dater her,date her like you would anyone else but eventually meet her kids and be their friend, NOT their dad.

    Note: I've got a few friends with this problem too.

    • but doesn't having kids hold her back from having fun and living? like I have nothing against girls with kids,in fact I would love to have kids someday..just not now!

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    • lol I understand! I tyvm for the insight. I have to respect you're thoughts being that you have friends in this area! I'm new to this site, iseldom have girl problems but if their people like you on here I should stay close! ty again lmz

    • Thank you so much! :D


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  • If you see her as a potential someone than you need to learn now that you'lll have to accept her a who she is... all the package. If not, stop wasting her time and yours and find yourself someone else who doesn't have kids. Move on... some women want to find someone who will not only waste time but someone who understands them and wants something serious... so just move on!

    • i love everything you said! that's exactly what I DONT do!( waste a girls time) especially one that seems to have a good heart! tyvm for the advice! I understand what said

    • No problem! As long as it helps. Good luck!

  • Well, you need to really think about this then. Are you looking for a relationship or just a date for a while?

    If you do get serious with her, you will have to face the fact that those kids come with the whole package. You don't have to be their dad, but they will be a part of your life if you do get into a relationship with her.

    • im looking for a girl to hang out with,talk to and just someone to grow from.im 21 I haven't been in serious relationships a lot so for a girl with kids I know that's serious! so I wanna be careful here

    • Yea I don't blame you. Kids are a huge responsibility and definitely make things work a little differently. You are only 21, so tread carefully. If you truly are not into dealing with kids at this point, it's okay to let her go. You aren't doing anything wrong. And it's better to let her know now rather than get into something with her and try to pretend to be okay with it so you can still be with her.

      Hope it all works out for you in the end!

    • yea I think it will..thank you a lot fairie for the great words.irly appreciate it.like I told someone earlier,if this site has this many great people on it,its a must I stay close to it. ty again :)

  • leave. you can't handle it

  • DB?..and your just 21 I don't see why you would waant to settle with two kids


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  • Whoops! Time to find another girl!