GUYS, how do you feel about dating a girl who can be totally psycho?

You never see it day to day. She's very cool, sweeet, funny, and practically the ideal girlfriend. Yet when it comes to protecting those she cares about, she can become totally psycho. She has a few knives, the really sharp ones with holes carved in a spikey way so that it can really cause damage with it's cut. She knows how to use them. She may even go so far as set someone on fire if he raped her boyfriend or did something crazy terrible. She would totally sabotage their future and goals for revenge.

If you saw a glimpse of this behavior with someone else, how would you feel? Would you be completely turned off? What do you think about this post?

idk why this is posted in sexuality, I thought I selected 'behavior'


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  •! She sounds f***in exciting! lol! A cute nice girl who can be wild as sh*t. If someone raped me and my girlfriend came after them and f*cked them up thatd be bad*ss! lol! Id cry and hold her and say that was the sweetest thing ever. As far as being a bit of a psycho, but normal just want her to be a psycho in the bedroom! lol! Get kinky wild! Not with like knives, or anything, but just be down for whatever, like some p*rno chick! lol!


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  • Yeah the setting people on fire thing would not go well with me at all lol. I hate violence of any kind. not for me sorry. :-/

    • lmao, thanks for the answer

  • Glad she told me up front, gives me plenty of warning to bail.

  • is no one else getting a weird vibe from this? seriously.


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    • where do you draw the line on people you care about? and what has to happen? something big? something small? also most people who have bad things happen to them just want to forget it immediately after, you need to stay with them and support them emotinally, tend to the emotional wreackge. going off to hunt the person down will only prolong your friends pain mentally and emotionally. in the time you took to maim and torture you could have comforted your loved one, and they would appreciate it

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    • good lord if idris elba did it, I wouldn't even be able to focus on anything but his face...and body lol

    • riiiiight! That is my future hubby! You better BACK OFFFFFF! lol god that beautiful godiva chocolate skin with that sexy accent and that confident strut...the way his muscles just pop out! Lawwwd!